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Rules for MW one Empty

Rules for MW one

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Rules for MW one Empty Rules for MW one

Post  {S|T}>>reAfx on Thu Dec 10, 2009 2:11 pm

1.)If you fail to obey or follow our rules and regulations you'll be demerit , If after that your merit point lower than 50 you'll need to do the topic [ Demerit and Merit] ,we will kick you from {S|T} and blacklist you if your merit point is 0.

2.)Please use our tags after becoming a {S|Techniques} Member ( [Console] /name {S|T}[YourName] ) [-2]

3.)Our members must at all times have these tags in front of their name {S|T}, [>S|T<], >S|T<,[S|T],[ST] And {ST}.. If not we will demerit you. After demeriting, you still don't put the tags you'll be x2 demerit... [-3]

4.)Also We specialize in "Ninja Killing" so always use this combination.. Silenced MP5 with Bandolier, UAV Jammer, and Extreme Conditioning. [-0 Cant Check members Using Or Not but Please Do Use This combination.]

5.)Please do not use hacks.. It wont be fair for other players,also if any members found someone (report at forum (hackers) or our {S|T} members' hacking report (PM) to me. [ i'll kick you directly without warning also i'll ban,blacklist and remove you from forum ]

6.)Please do respect all players and members..If I see you disrespecting someone, we'll demerit you , but once only. If you continue to disrespect other player and members I or Vista will x2 (not include the of the rules demerit) demerit someone who disrespecting someone. [-5](If it's needed or forced, you are able to use it.)

7.)Do Not teach outside people about our techniques and our glitches roger that soldier? [-15 if found doing so]

8.){S|T} Members are not allowed to use foul language or insult other players or members. If caught doing so, we'll demerit you , Please provide a picture for reference if you found a member doing so. [-5] (If it's needed or forced, you are able to use it.)

9.){S|T} has strict rules on your IGN (In-game name) or nickname.. Due to confusion of some members please don't change your IGN or nickname without posting it on the forums. [-5]

10.)Members of {S|T} must be loyal to our clan. If you have other clans you must still put our {S|T} tag infront of your name. [-15 also if you're allowed to stay in your other clan.]

11.)Never ever, talk craps and showing off ( lan ci ) to other ppl or own member [-5]

12.)No Multi Clans. Just someone who got my permission of joining other clan can join/stay in other clans.

13.)Starting from today [1st of December] the rules and regulations will be applied to new members who want to be recruited or enlisted in our clan. If you enlist and are not active in-game or in our activities you will be listed as MIA (Missing In Action) [-50 Ponteng Sekolah Post At Leaving And Coming Back Area so we can know that you're not leaving our clan.]

14.)All {S|T} members must respect other members and executives, Especailly reAfx and Vista.

15.)Please don't use Matrydom (Dropping a grenande when you died), Last Stand (Pulls out your pistol before you die), Tube (Grenade Launcher Attachment), RPG, P90 , M21 , Dragunov And Semi Auto Guns except G3 and M14 [-3]

16.)All Members Must Have Skype [ if you dont want also can sorry, but if you got free time register one and post on forum skype that part.] Download skype HERE. ( you must download before regiter ). [-3]

17.)Must Online Skype Whenever You Online Your Computer. [-1]

18.)Bookmark this link ,if didnt bookmark you can ask me but i'll demerit you. [-5]

19.)Please write your name at these link Real {S|T} Member And And Write Down Garena And In-game Name, if you promise to be loyal and will never break any of our clans rules.

I'll Not Tell You What've You Done , And Do remember Read All the Rules.., I'll Demerit People Who broke Rules everytime i saw They broke rules Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

Also if i found someone lying to me and its a very big matter i"ll kick him for sure , blacklist and Ban (Cannot Join our room).

We'll x2 demerit you if you failed to obey the rules once and once again means after one time you still failed to obey the clan rules then we'll x2 demerit you ALRIGHT? (Not Include some that already said x2 after broke it twice)

Academy's Pass For Recruitment = 24242424 or 123456 For Training = 5656789 or 44667788

Do not chat here, discuss or ask in the lounge....

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