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Introduction of this academy.

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Introduction of this academy.

Post  {S|T}>>reAfx on Thu Dec 03, 2009 3:17 pm

Soldier of transcendent techniques the academy was created by reAfx and Vista in Garena. We gather our power and skills combine it into an academy named Soldier of transcendent techniques the academy we only teach members of {S|Techniques becuase someone at outside is doing something or talking some bad topics about {S|Techniques . This website is only made for all {S|Techniques members to update each other with events and meet each other in same academy. Hope you guys will enjoy this site and train well alright? Very Happy.

1.)Players who already own or has a clan cannot join {S|Techniques,but if they have the permission of me to stay or join other clans they may join or stay other/in their/people's clan but they did join or stay other/in their/people's clan they must always at all time put the tag of academy. For Example : IRC|ST|Bleach. Smile

2.)Please do make sure that your In-Game-Name(IGN) are chosen properly and permanently use forever. so i can actually know that person is a fake alright,If you wish to change one you have to ask for my permission. queen

3.)Refer to Rules section for more {S|Techniques The Academy rules.

4.)Introduction is the most important things before meeting each other in game. So after you register, go ahead to forum section to intro yourself to all the clan members and anyother guest..

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